Injury Number 2

People, we have a problem. Another injury.

I have poorly toes.

If an artist were to paint my toes. And if my toes were broken.

No, I haven’t broken any bones. Nor have I technically broken any skin on any toes either. The fact of the matter is that I was rather negligent with cutting my toe nails for the past few weeks, and the long nails sort of grew inwards a little bit. So when I was running and walking they were digging into the delicate tips of my toes and ended up peeling back a layer or two of skin by a couple of millimetres.

So yes, it really is as bad as it sounds. I would appreciate prayers in the coming days please people. Beckham had a nation praying a few years ago, and so I expect about 1% of that sort of attention. So maybe about 50,000 prayers please. Thank you.