Re-wiring of the Brain

I’m rather achy today. Particularly in my arms, which I have been focusing on a bit during my last few trips to the gym. It’s becoming something of a norm in the last few weeks, waking up in the morning to feel that slight ache in my muscles as I try to get out of bed. Stiff legs as I take my first steps to the bathroom.

I haven’t been complaining, silently or otherwise, however. This is because of one simple fact – I’m starting to show the very beginnings of some visual clues that I’m physically starting to shape up.

Case in point today – my arms really do ache. But all of my arm muscles are standing up rather taut and bulgy, and they look rather good, I must say. No, I haven’t got proper definition yet, but I’ve laid some sort of foundation. And that feels like a good thing.

Likewise earlier, I had a critical poke and prod at my belly after I got out of the shower, and whilst no, I don’t have ripped abs, my belly has shrunk somewhat, to the point that I can’t so easily grab a but lump of bulge between two fingers. It’s firmed up. It’s not far off being flat.

It’s the same story all over my body. There’s been no amazing developments as of yet, but things just feel better. My work trousers fit a little bit better. Whereas I was in between two belt holes last month, I’m now happily and comfortably using the tighter hole now (that sounds so wrong).

The strange thing is that I think it’s affecting my brain too. Seeing as both Sarah and I have taken it upon ourselves to undertake our own personal challenges at the same time, it means that there is some mutual coercion to do certain things a certain way. So we’ve been buying far less crap from the supermarket, and sticking to square meals without snacks. Which is all well and good, but I figured that when I was alone, going back to work this week, I thought I might misbehave.

Normally, I eat and drink at Starbucks at lunchtime, and sneak a few cheeky biscuits and cookies with a milkshake to wash it all down when nobody is watching. But this week, without any conscious decisions on the matter, I prepared a big batch of different flavoured pastas to eat over the coming days, and only ate those for lunch. On the day I did go to Starbucks, I ordered a filter coffee instead of something milky and fatty. And when I’ve been hungry and home whilst Sarah has been at work, I’ve ignored the opportunities to slip out and buy junk food. There has been chocolate mini rolls in our kitchen cupboard for two weeks now. Normally, all 12 would be gone in two days.

As I write this now, I’m chowing down on one of my pasta boxes – tuna pasta mayonnaise. And I’m not even craving anything naughtier.

I’ve also cut sugar out of my drinks too. Two weeks ago, I was a 2-sugar man in my tea, and similar quantities of demerera in my coffee. Now I’m enjoying it sugarless. Even stranger still, Sarah and I shared a large bottle of Diet Coke with our dinner the other night, and neither of us found it all that tasty. It was far too sweet and far too fizzy. I’ve been living on squashes and juices primarily, and fizzy drinks just can’t compete any more.

All of this is scaring me somewhat. I really don’t know what I’m becoming.

I’ve even started buying more sporty clothing. I’m sat here now in a newly purchased “Livestrong” hoody, which I bought to travel to the gym in, but now I’m starting to feel comfortable wearing it in general.

When will these changes cease?


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