I continue to read Men’s Running, the magazine I cast a sarcastic light upon some months ago now. In actual fact, I’ll eat humble pie and say that I do actually find it a rather good, and rather informative read.

However, there is one little section in the magazine that always depresses me.

They have this full page spread about some reader who has decided to write in to brag about what he’s managed. He also sends in one of those before and after photo sets, which they have on posters for slimming world. This month it features some guy who was about 17 stone, and then decided to run to lose weight. Within six weeks, he ran a half-marathon in 2h10m, and during the last 12 months (that’s only how long he’s been doing this for) he’s running them in 1h35m. He did a marathon in well under 4 hours too, and did some stupid 48 mile ultra marathon in under 9 hours. And now, unsurprisingly, he weighs what I currently do – 12st 5lb.

This is meant to be an inspirational read. However, all I see is bragging. Running a half marathon with 6 weeks training? Full marathons and ultra-marathons within 12 months?

In actual fact, it’s just depressing, and it’s enough to make someone with a weaker disposition forget their quest and hang their trainers up. It certainly nullifies my previous “smug” stance anyway.

I don’t think I’ll read that page from now on.