Endgame – Day 1/10 (First Half)

Doesn’t Endgame sound rather epic?

Actually, it sounds like the idle title of the final book in a fantasy trilogy. However, it is also the title of the 2-part finale of Star Trek: Voyager, which is never a bad thing.

Nonetheless, the next 10 days of this blog are hereby going to be all titled Endgame.


Well, the evening after I wrote my last blog entry (2 nights ago now), I decided that enough was enough, and I couldn’t hang around and wait to get back into motion and restart my training. I popped EA Active 2 on my PS3.

I haven’t mentioned this game / program before, as I incidentally bought it for Sarah something like 2 Christmases ago, and ended up having a go at it myself for a couple of months. Nowadays, its ended up in bargain bins (and the game itself notified me that the online serves are now turned off, so that means a sequel is looming, or the franchise has been binned. I’m not sure which), but I have to say it’s a bit of a hidden gem.

In the box you get the software, which looks a bit like a HD version of Wii Fit, and you also get three sensors that you have to attach to your biceps and right thigh with stretchy velcro straps. They all contain gyroscopes and the left bicep one also contains a heartrate tracker. As well as being three big lumps of white plastic protruding from your limbs, they also have bright blue LEDs on them, making the whole thing totally classy and not in the least embarassing.

Unless you’re David Beckham, who can make anything look attractive. (And I just realised, you don’t wear the arm sensors on your biceps. Crap).

However, once you get over the looks of them (and work out how to get the straps feeling comfortable) you actually realise that the sensors are really clever, and the workouts are actually really good.

There are hundreds of different sessions you can bolt together to make a full workout set, or you can ask the system to set once up based on your needs. Plus, there are two that it recommends and are ready out of the box – a 3-week “Cardio Kickstart” or a 9-week “Total Body Programme”.

I stuck on the Cardio Kickstart based on my time constraints and set the intensity to High. It came up and told me the first session would be 21 minutes long, which sort of let me down, and as I’d laced my trainers up and set myself up mentally for a full hour. The kit also comes with one of those elastic resistance bands for certain exercises, but you can (as I did) set it up so I used my heavy hand weights instead. (Like Beckham, above)

Let me tell you, I was glad when the cool down came around after 20 minutes. The system really does have you tripping over yourself, and the sensors make sure you can’t cheat. At the end, I’d apparently burned 140 calories and the heart tracker showed that I was well over 160bpm for most of the session. Good stuff.

Unsurprisingly, my enthusiasm came back to bite me the next day – yesterday – in the form of some rather crappy stiffness and cramping in my thighs. That would be from the squats she had me doing. (She being the other Woman I now also listen to. Let’s call her Simone to save getting caught up in feminine nouns and pronouns).

Today, being the first of only ten days I have to get things going, funnily enough, my thighs are still giving me some trouble. I’ve ended up going into town, hoping a good stroll might loosen things up. It has, a bit, but not much.

However, should I have been fine and raring to go today, hoping to hit the pavements and get a road run in, the man upstairs has yet again taken it upon himself to scupper that little plan. The last few days have been rather gorgeous. Today? Hail, of all things. And because the temperature isn’t too low, it’s all making some rather lovely slush everywhere. A real deathtrap for running.

However, positive mental attitude to the rescue – I’m off to the gym as soon as I’ve published this entry. I’ve got to do something…


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