Endgame – Day 2/10

Today, I ache. I ended up doing my EA Active workout last night – as promised – and it, combined with a gym session, and the previous aches, have left me feeling rather useless.

You don’t see rest days slotted within montage clips, do you? And for that reason, being a man who believes that television, movies, video games and comics are based upon, or sufficient evidence to support a way of life, I’m not going to back out of doing at least something today.

There is also some strange twisted truth to muscle aches however – they make you feel rather ripped whilst you continue to feel the burn. Your biceps keep their rigidity for longer periods. It’s a sort of twisted way for your body to tell you that the suffering is worth it.

The morning has already been lost to a lie in and a bit of grazing in front of the TV before Sarah had to go to work, coupled with a naughty bacon and fried egg bagel. And I’ve already made some plans to be places, so I’ve got about an hour or so to do something. Mentally, I could quite easily excuse myself out of doing anything, and physically, I’d be more than happy.

Adding in some adaptations to my methods as each of the next 10 days goes by, today I’m making sure I up my fluid intake. Hydration has been the reason for a number of poor runs in the past, so I’m not prepared to lose performance because I didn’t have enough to drink. Similarly, today is the last day of the current food shopping supplies, and tomorrow I intend to stock up on those boring yet recommended foods. Oily fish and rice seems like a decent lunch for the next 8 or so days, and if it fuels me up, all the better.

Right, I’ll get to it…


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