Endgame – Day 3/10

After yesterday’s little ramble about needing to do something, I did actually wind up putting half an hour’s work into the cross trainer at home, which left me feeling good. Unfortunately, as I had plans, I had to cut it short, and I really felt like I could keep on going a while longer.

Today, I woke up with a few mild aches again. However, after spending the majority of the day wandering around the Trafford Centre, my body felt like it had sorted itself out. A lunch of Nando’s also left me feeling like I’d fuelled up appropriately for a good run, so at 4pm I headed off to the gym.

Today, a new problem struck however – overheating.

After about half an hour / 5km run, my muscles felt good, but I was just burning up, and so I had to call it a day. Without a heart rate monitor strapped to my chest, I can’t be sure, but I got the impression that my heart would have been going pretty rapidly and not too sustainably.

It wasn’t until I got back into the car afterwards to drive home, that I saw myself in the mirror realised that I really was bright purple in the face. Not very sexy, Gaz.

I think it really was just a temperature thing, as I was sat there driving home in the car, I wasn’t out of breath and I didn’t feel my chest pumping or any fresh sweat pouring off of me. It just seemed to be the close, warm air of the gym stifling me. At that time, I really could have gone back for some more punishment.

Clearly the lesson to take away from today is the need to get back on the roads for the remainder of these running sessions. I rarely ever get back to my doorstep with sweat patches on my tops when I run outside, thanks to the airflow. Hopefully I should find more success out there than I did in there today (cue the man upstairs moving a couple of stormclouds across my area for the next week.

Another lesson I learnt today – as a bit of an experiment if nothing else – was that there is no way I can re-establish a running pace after coming to a full stop. After my half an hour of running, and then the 5 minute cool down, the treadmill came to a halt, and after the requisite 10 second reset time, I kicked the treadmill back into full speed to see if I could actually go again.

Well, my legs weren’t happy at all, to put it mildly. I think I ran for about a minute before I wrote the experiment off as a failure. Or in this case a success, as I now have a very vivid memory to take to London with me. No matter what, I cannot stop, even for a quick breath or sip of water. I’ve just got to keep jogging and keep warmth in my joints.

This will be the first and last time I refer to myself as a Formula 1 race car…however, I now feel that my body is sort of like a Formula 1 race car. If you let your tyres go cold, then you haven’t really got a chance. And if you’re engine overheats, well you haven’t really got a chance then either.

I need to do a session on EA Active tonight and I’ll call that a day I think.


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