Engame – Day 5/10

Well, day 4 had to turn into a rest day, purely on the grounds of logic. And maybe 5% laziness.

Today, I decided it was going to be time for my “endurance run”, which is what all the training guides call it when you go out and complete a run equal or longer in time than your race, at a pace slower than your race pace.

Well, I have no idea about pace. I just run. Not very fast, granted, but when you read these guides about “running 80% race pace” etc, I have no idea how you do that. I just run at whatever pace my body finds comfortable. To hell with pace.

Anyway, I plotted out my usual 10K run, expecting to do it in around the hour mark. It was going all rather well, I even managed to have a good stab at running up the horrible hill in the middle section. However, after 6km – obviously 4km from home, which is about 20 minutes or so…well, I can’t think of any clever language to substitute. I needed the toilet. No, not that sort, the bad sort. And I needed to go desperately.

Sufficed to say, I ground to a halt. I could feel that the running pace was “pushing things along”, and so I ultimately wound up in the middle of Newcastle taking on the oddest looking walk I think I’ve ever done. We’re talking straight legged, clenched bum, hobbling along the streets with the most focused look on my face ever. It wouldn’t have taken a student in body language to know what was going on with me.

After what was probably the longest 5 minutes of sheer blind panic I’ve ever experienced, my brain kicked in and I remembered that Morrisons wasn’t far away, and so I managed to  hobble on into the customer toilets. Thankfully, there were no security guards in the entrance area to raise any eyebrows or to awkwardly ask me why I was wanting to use the toilet. In response, I fear I may have just gone there and then.

So…after that, I managed to jog home. Not a brilliant experience, let me tell you. But, what else should I expect with my run of luck?

Before “the incident”, I can’t say it was the most enjoyable run anyway. The last workout I completed on EA Active had a strange obsession with my glutes, and it sent me through an endless cycle of squats, lunges, and exercises disguising squats and lunges, for over half an hour. So, come this run, my derriere wasn’t feeling to good to start with, let alone by the 6km mark.

I keep hoping that next week’s run will be this “perfect storm” of mental and physical state.

However, I just watched this video, and I can’t say it’s made me any more excited.


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