Endgame – Day 10/10 – Heatwave and the Placebo Effect

Heatwave and the Placebo Effect sounds like a great name for an emo band, don’t you think?

Alas, this update is a bit mixed. First of all, yesterday, I picked myself up some new kit. The Nike+ Sportswatch GPS, which was on sale at a running shop in Manchester for one day only. It had a third off, which made it affordable, and a must-have purchase before the big race. This would be an upgrade to my current kit as it means that I would now have GPS mapping of my routes, as well as live pace data from my foot-pod, without having to carry around my iPhone. All good. And hopefully a placebo effect in bettering my running times.

Alas, this wasn’t the case today, for my last run.

I’d been theorising and wondering about everything that could effect my run, from injury to torrential rain, but the man upstairs realised I hadn’t planned for one thing, sending a big ol’ heatwave my way in ready for the weekend. 27 degree heat without a cloud in the sky, and it was going to linger across the UK until well past the weekend. Wonderful.

I decided that I needed to get out and clock in a run for two reasons – 1) to calibrate my watch, and 2) to calibrate my expectations of running in Mediterranean conditions.

After about 6km, I collapsed into the house in a heap. Looking in the mirror, my face was a deep beetroot colour, my forehead and neck very nearly suffering from sunburn. My body was literally pouring with sweat. The drinks bottle I was carrying – ice cold when I took it out, was lukewarm after the first kilometre, and fully consumed after 3km.

This wasn’t at all good. I’d run those 6km in about 40 minutes. Though the time wasn’t a disaster, the state of my body and mind after 60% of Sunday’s run left me a tiny bit nervous.

Even with the placebo effect of a cool new watch, I was a wreck. However, I’d learnt I needed to do two things (at least) on Sunday:

1. Wear a cap

2. Wear sunscreen

As for the lack of water in my bottle, I was planning  a bold move – not bothering to carry one. My theory being that if I don’t have anything on me, then my brain will tell my body to cope. Hopefully it works.

Not the best way to end my 10 day boot camp, but when have I ever been surprised with the way things go in my life…


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